Dr. Thao P. Le (also known as TK) is a Research Fellow in Data Science working in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the Melbourne Centre for Data Science (MCDS) and the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis (CEBRA) at the University of Melbourne with Dr. Chris Baker, as part of the Mathematical Ecology, Epidemiology and Biosecurity group.

They are particularly interested in: mathematical modelling of ecological and epidemiological processes to support biosecurity and public health.

They have worked on invasive species modelling, temporal Bell's inequalities, causal indefiniteness, energy transport on quantum networks, quantum batteries, and (strong) quantum Darwinism.

They used to be a quantum physicist, previously an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow at the University of Nottingham and was a co-organiser of the Quantum Boundaries 2021 online workshop. Before that, they were based at UCL, MonQis (Monash University), and had been temporarily part of UCL CS Quantum.

Here's a short CV. You can contact them via email.

papers and preprints

I. R. Abell, J. A. Flegg, Thao P. Le, C. M. Baker.
Is testing the bee-all and end-all of varroa eradication? (2024)

E. Conway, C. Walker, M. Lydeamore, N. Golding, G. Ryan, D. Mavec, J. Oates, G. Kabashima, D. J. Price, F. Shearer, D. Cromer, M. P. Davenport, J. McCaw, E. M. Eriksson, P. D. Hodgkin, L. Wu, Thao P. Le, C. M. Baker, I. Mueller, J. McVernon
Optimal timing of booster doses in a highly vaccinated population with minimal natural exposure to COVID-19 (2024)

Thao P. Le, T. K. Waring, H. Bondell, A. P. Robinson, C. M. Baker.
Adaptive sampling method to monitor low-risk pathways with limited surveillance resources Risk Analysis (2024)

Thao P. Le, I. R. Abell, E. J. Conway, P. T. Campbell, A. B. Hogan, M. J. Lydeamore, J. McVernon, I. Mueller, C. R. Walker, C. M. Baker.
Modelling the impact of hybrid immunity on future COVID-19 epidemic waves BMC Infect. Dis. 24, 407 (2024)
[preprint] [Pursuit article]

Thao P. Le, E. Conway, E. Akpan, I. R. Abell, P. Abraham, C. M. Baker, P. T. Campbell, D Cromer, M. J. Lydeamore, Y. McDonough, I. Mueller, G. Ryan, C. Walker, Y. Wang, J. McVernon, N. Carvalho.
Cost-effective boosting allocations in the post-Omicron era of COVID-19 management (2023)

R. D. Cousens with M. R. T. Dale, A. Elliott-Graves, M. J. Keough, G. P. Quinn, J. I. Brian, J. A. Catford, J. Friedman, A. C. Van Natto, B. L. Webber, D. Z. Atwater, M. Paniw, C. M. Baker, Thao P. Le, M. W. Cadotte and F. Cardou.
Effective Ecology Seeking Success in a Hard Science (2023)
[online version]

D. Spring, Thao P. Le, S. A. Bloom, J. M. Keith, T. Kompas.
Reconstructing the dynamics of managed populations to estimate the impact of citizen surveillance Ecol. Model. 475, 110205 (2023).

Thao P. Le and A. Olaya-Castro.
Basis-independent system-environment coherence is necessary to detect magnetic field direction in an avian-inspired quantum magnetic sensor (2020)

Thao P. Le, P. Mironowicz, and P. Horodecki.
Blurred quantum Darwinism across quantum reference frames Phys. Rev. A 102, 062420 (2020)

Thao P. Le and A. Olaya-Castro.
Witnessing non-objectivity in the framework of strong quantum Darwinism Quantum Sci. Technol. 5, 045012 (2020).

S. Siwiak-Jaszek, Thao P. Le, and A. Olaya-Castro.
Synchronisation phase as an indicator of persistent quantum correlations between subsystems Phys. Rev. A 102, 032414 (2020).

Thao P. Le.
Quantum discord-breaking and discord-annihilating channels (2019)

Thao P. Le and A. Olaya-Castro.
Strong Quantum Darwinism and Strong Independence are Equivalent to Spectrum Broadcast Structure Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 010403 (2019).

Thao P. Le and A. Olaya-Castro.
Objectivity (or lack thereof): Comparison between predictions of quantum Darwinism and spectrum broadcast structure Phys. Rev. A 98, 032103 (2018).

Thao P. Le, L. Donati, S. Severini, and F. Caruso.
How to Suppress Dark States in Quantum Networks and Bio-Engineered Structures J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 51 365306 (2018).

Thao P. Le, J. Levinsen, K. Modi, M. M. Parish, and F. A. Pollock.
Spin-chain model of a many-body quantum battery Phys. Rev. A 97, 022106 (2018).

S. Milz, F. A. Pollock, Thao P. Le, G. Chiribella, and K. Modi.
Entanglement, non-Markovianity, and causal non-separability New J. Phys. 20, 033033 (2018).

Thao Le, F. A. Pollock, T. Paterek, M. Paternostro, and K. Modi.
Divisible quantum dynamics satisfies temporal Tsirelson's bound J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 50, 055302 (2017).



2024 February: Agent-based modelling in the post-Omicron era of COVID-19 management, given at ANZIAM 2024, Hahndorf, South Australia, Australia.

2023 September: Inspection policies: evaluating the building blocks of border biosecurity using data and modelling, given at the September 2023 CEBRAnar, online, jointly-presented.

2023 May: Is this "low risk" pathway truly low risk? A risk-based sampling approach, given at the 4th International Congress on Biological Invasions 2023, Christchurch, New Zealand.

2023 February: Modelling the impact of hybrid immunity on future COVID-19 epidemic waves, given at SPECTRUM & Spark Annual Meeting 2023, Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia.

2023 February: Modelling the impact of hybrid immunity on future COVID-19 epidemic waves, given at ANZIAM 2023, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

2021 September: Subjective Quantum Darwinism Across Different Quantum Reference Frames, given at 21th Asian Quantum Information Science Conference, Online Conference.

2021 March: Basis-independent coherence in avian-inspired quantum magnetic sensing, given at Biophysics in and for Africa, Online Conference.

2020 March: Coherence in an avian-inspired quantum magnetic sensor, given at UCLA, Los Angeles (visiting)

2019 October: Strong Quantum Darwinism, given at IQOQI (visiting)

2018 November: Strong Quantum Darwinism, given at The University Of Nottingham (visiting)

2018 July: Perceived objectivity via strong quantum Darwinism and spectrum broadcast structure, given at Foundations 2018 (contributed)

2018 June: Strong Quauntum Darwinism, given at QUANTUM2CLASSICAL (invited)

2018 May: Strong Quantum Darwinism, given at Symposium KCIK 2018 Quantum Resources (invited)

2017 December: The Emergence of Classicality from Quantum Mechanics, given at Revising Foundations of Physics Workshop 2017 (contributed)

2017 December: Divisible quantum dynamics and the temporal Tsirelson’s bound, given at WE-Heraeus Seminar Quantum Correlations in Space and Time (contributed)

2017 September: Neutralising the Dark Side of Quantum Networks, given at Monash University (visiting)

2015 December: Non-Markovian dynamics simulates indefinite causal order, given at the 9th Relativistic Quantum Information Workshop (RQI9)

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